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Free California 60 Day Notice to Vacate Form (as of 2013) - PDF Form Download

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California 60 Day Notice to Vacate Form is pursuant with California Civil Code § 1946.1 and the California Civil Code § 1950.5(f). This form is intended to serve a notice of evacuation to a tenant residing at the property for over one year. The form has blank spaces to provide the particulars of the rental agreement, pending dues, and security deposit held by the landlord.

Read this form thoroughly to understand the provisions made in it regarding the refund of the security deposit in line with the directives prescribed in the California Civil Code §1950.5(f) and showing the premises to prospective tenants during the occupancy of the existing tenant. Landlord and/or authorized agent appointed in the lease agreement is endorsed to serve the notice to the tenant. Particulars intentionally left blank or unchecked do not apply.

Before drafting the California 60 Day Notice to Vacate Form

  • Read this form completely to understand the provisions mentioned within.
  • The tenant rightfully receives a period of 60 days for evacuation from the date of serving the notice. However, the notice period is reducible upon mutual agreement.
  • Furnish property description in the space reserved for the same and enclose a copy of the lease agreement previously signed and executed.
  • Legal proceedings for evacuation of the tenant are entitled upon failure of the tenant to vacate after completion of 60 days notice period.
  • Specify the cause of the termination in the space reserved for the same.
  • Notarization of the document is not necessary.
  • Under the new law in the California 60 Day Notice the verbatim to reclaim abandoned property transcript has been updated in this form.

California 60 Day Notice to Vacate Form (as of 2013)

Begin by inserting the name, phone number, and email address of the maker like agent/broker and/or landlord. Continue by inserting the date followed by typing the name of the county of the California state. Provide tenant’s name on the next line.

Furnish date and address in 1.1 subsection. Type a name of the tenant in 1.2 and the name of the landlord in 1.3. Subsection 1.4 seeks input of the description of the property in detail.

Insert the date of the expiry of the notice period in section 3 in the prescribed format and specify the name of the entity if not the landlord to hand over the possession.

Enter the rent amount, due date, prorated rent, and due date of prorated rent in the blank spaces in section 4. Enter the amount of security deposit held by the landlord in section 5.

Furnish the reason for termination in section 9 followed by entering the date in the next blank space. Type a name for the landlord/agent along with the DRE# on the next line. Complete the California 60 Day Notice to Vacate Form by signing and furnishing the address, phone, fax, and cell number, and email address in the respective blanks.

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