Georgia Residential Lease Agreement

Form F40, Georgia Residential Lease Agreement offers definitive guidelines for renting a premise to tenant. Landlord and tenant along with leasing and listing brokers must sign this lease agreement in acceptance to the terms, conditions, and operational guidelines mentioned in it.

Please read all 10 pages and 29 sections of the lease agreement carefully before proceeding. You need to enclose the property description, as Exhibit A. Notarization of this form by a notary public of Georgia State is not necessary.


Georgia Residential Lease Agreement


Guidelines for Preparing Form F40, Georgia Residential Lease Agreement

  • Enter date of executing the lease agreement, name of the tenant, and landlord’s name in the foremost portion of the lease agreement. Then provide the address of the property along with Tax PIN/ID.
  • Continue by providing a legal description by selecting from options A, B, or C. Enter Deed Book number, page number, et. seq. number in case you select option B. Alternately, enter the property information required below option C if you select so.
  • Enter date of commencement and date of termination of the lease in section 1, Term.
  • Section 2, Possession requires the input of the maximum number of permissible days for the possession.
  • Enter rent amount in words and figure, total rent due, and payable to along with the address in section 3, Rent.
  • Enter time and date of rent due, last permissible date to accept rent, amount of additional rent, and amount of service charge in section 4, Late Payment; Service Charge for Returned Checks.
  • Enter day of the month, fee amount, and amount of the administrative fee in section 5, Dispossessory Fee.
  • Enter name of security deposit holder, amount, and mode of payment in section 6, Security Deposit.
  • Select between option 1 or 2 in section 6, 6B Deposit of same and enter account number and bank’s name in front of the selected option. Enter notice period in days in 6D. Enter amount of fee deductible in 6E.
  • Enter the total amount of non-refundable administrative fee in section 7, Administrative Fee.
  • Mention utilities paid by the landlord and mention the maximum permissible days for connecting utilities in section 8, Utilities.
  • Select if Owner’s Property Disclosure Statement is enclosed in section 10.
  • Mark appropriate option for Lawn and Exterior Maintenance in 11B from option 1,2, or 3.
  • Select correct option for Pest Control responsibility from choices 1 or 2 in 11C.
  • Sign in section 12 in conformity to Lead-Based Paint declaration.
  • Select correct option in section 13, Notice of Propensity of Flooding.
  • Enter number of persons and their names in section 15, Use.
  • Enter the number of last days and amount in US dollar in section 18, Right of Access, Signage.
  • Section 19, Rules and Regulations requires input of rekeying charges in 19A and administrative fee in 19O.
  • Mark box in 24H1 to disallow broker to receive notices. Leave blank otherwise.
  • Mention appliances in 24I
  • Select the right option if tenant’s rental application is enclosed as an exhibit in 24N.
  • Section 25, Early Termination by Tenant requires selection of one choice from A or B. Please provide further details if you select option A. Enter amount of occupancy fee in 25E, Holding Over.
  • Enter amount of compensation in part B of section 26, Early Termination by Landlord.
  • Enter the days required for notice followed by selecting the right choice of renewal of lease in section 27, Renewal Terms.
  • Section 28, Agency Brokerage and Property Management requires selection of options in 28A2, 28A3, and 28A4. Please continue by entering names of designated agents in 28A4b. Enter broker’s material relationship if any in 28B. Then select the right option in 28E for defining broker’s role in Property Management.
  • Mention all exhibits enclosed herein in section 29, Exhibits.
  • Mention Special Stipulations if any and select if they are attached with the Georgia Residential Lease Agreement.
  • Tenant/s and Landlord/s must date, sign, and enter printed name along with email address/es on separate lines if more than one. Please request Leasing and Listing Broker to enter particulars requested from them in the lease agreement.
  • Complete preparing the Georgia Residential Lease Agreement by entering the Binding Agreement Date and name of the Preparer if any.

Form Preview

Georgia Residential Lease Agreement
Georgia Residential Lease Agreement