Sportsman’s Lease Form

A Sportsman’s lease form (also known as a hunting lease form) is a commonly used form all across the United States. The form is a lease agreement between two parties – the owner of the real estate property and the sportsman.

The form gives the ‘Sportsman’ exclusive rights for hunting on the landlord’s property. The terms and conditions are mentioned clearly in the form, as the sportsman’s lease often tends to lead to disputes. As per this form, ‘hunting’ on the premises includes fishing, trapping & target shooting.

Steps to fill the Sportsman’s Lease Form

  • At the start of the form, enter the full name of the ‘Sportsman’ – the person to whom the premises is being leased out. On the same line, also mention the name of the ‘Owner’ – the landlord of the real estate property being leased out.
  • Next, mention the amount (in USD) for which you are leasing out the premises to the sportsman, followed by the type of hunting that will be allowed on the given premises in detail i.e. shooting, camping, fishing, etc.
  • Next, mention the period – the dates and years between which the lease agreement exists.
  • In the next paragraph, mention what areas the leased premises consists of in detail. Also, fill in the name of the county and name of the state in which the premises exists in the United States.
  • By the terms of this lease and by the laws of the relevant state of USA, the Sportsman agrees to conduct hunting activities in strict accordance. Again, mention the name of the state.

If, for whatever reason, the hunter/sportsman is unable to hunt or practice hunting, he is not entitled to any sort of refund from the owner.

At the bottom of the form, the signature of the OWNER is required.

Following that, the signature of the SPORTSMAN is required.

Sportsman’s Lease Form

Form Preview

Sportsman's Lease Form
Sportsman’s Lease Form