Discharge of Mortgage Form

You must acquire duly filled, signed, and notarized Discharge of Mortgage Form upon payment of the mortgage loan in full from the Mortgage Holder. This form is required along with the title certificate to transfer the ownership of your home or other real estate property in your name.

The lender of the mortgage loan issues this form only upon full and final settlement of the mortgage. Submission of this legal document is mandatory while requesting the change of the ownership of the property. However, you must ensure that the lender of the mortgage loan releases the Discharge of Mortgage Form in the required format clearly mentioning the property description in detail and your name as it reflects in the loan agreement.

Before Proceeding

  • Ensure that date of release from the mortgage is mentioned on the Discharge of Mortgage Form.
  • This Discharge of Mortgage Form must contain the loan account number and registration number of the discharge of a mortgage certificate.
  • This certification must contain the name of the lender of the mortgage loan. It is ideal to prepare such certificate on a letterhead of the lender’s firm.
  • Notarization of the lender’s identity and signature is mandatory. The lender therefore, must produce satisfactory evidence of identity while signing this form before a notary public of the concerned state.
  • This discharge form must contain a clear statement to declare the full and final settlement of the loan in addition to particulars of loan repayment like dates and the installment amount.
  • This discharge certificate must pass on the benefit of the discharge from the mortgage loan to the debtor and his heirs, legal representatives, executors, assigns, and successors.

Discharge of Mortgage Form
Discharge of Mortgage Form

Steps To Prepare Discharge Of Mortgage Form

  • Mortgage holder prepares, dates, and signs the Discharge of Mortgage Form.
  • Enter the debtor’s name on the foremost line of the discharge form.
  • Enter the loan account number on the next line. You may choose to enter the registration number of this discharge form in addition to the loan account number.
  • Enter the name of the property on the subsequent line. Please attach a detailed description as specified in the loan agreement as Exhibit A with this discharge form. Describing the property in detail and accurately is very essential.
  • Enter the date of issuing the Discharge of Mortgage Form and sign on the next line before a notary public in your state.


A notary public of your state must enter name of the state and county on the respective lines. Then the form requires input of the date in the prescribed format, name and address of the Mortgage Holder in the spaces reserved for the same. The notary public must acknowledge the signature and identity of the Mortgage Holder with his/her seal and signature on this Discharge of Mortgage Form.

Discharge of Mortgage Form Preview

Discharge of Mortgage Form
Discharge of Mortgage Form