Firearms in Hawaii is pursuant to Chapter 134 Firearms, Ammunition and Dangerous Weapons, registration of a firearm is compulsory withing 5 days of purchase. Non-residents of Hawaii have 72 hours to register their firearms upon their arrival to Hawaii.
Below you will find forms related to registering , transferring or other Hawaii firearms related forms.

Subject/LawLong gunsHandgunsRelevant Statutes
State permit to purchase?YesYes
Firearm registration?YesYesHRS 0134-0002
Assault weapon law?NoYes
Magazine capacity restriction?NoYesHRS134-11(3)
Owner license required?NoNo
Carry permits issued?NoYesHRS 0134-0009
Open carry?NoYes
State pre-emption of local restrictions?YesYes
NFA weapons restricted?YesYes
Peaceable journey laws?NoNoNone

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Hawaii Gun Sale or Transfer Notice

Form 0417R Hawaii Gun Sale or Transfer Notice is an instrument intended to provide a notice/declaration of the sale/purchase transaction of a Rifle/Shotgun within the jurisdiction of Hawaii State. The form 0417R is pursuant to Sec. 134-2(4) Hawaii Revised Statutes. Submit the duly filled application to the police department of …

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