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Labor Commission related forms such as Wages Claim, Claim for Unpaid wages, DLSE (Division of Labor Standards Enforcement) forms etc can be found here. Every state may have a different form and below you would find the form specific to your state. Follow the instructions given on the forms before submitting it. For legal advice or doubts contact a Labor And Employment Attorney.

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Utah Application to Change Doctors (Form 102) - PDF Template

Form 102, Application to Change Doctors is a tool to apply for a change of doctor/s during the course of treatment while suffering from the occupational disease or injury. Read this form carefully to understand various inputs required in accordance to the requisition for a change of doctor to the Division of Industrial Accidents, Labor …

Utah Application for Lump Sum or Advance Payment (Form 134) - PDF Template

Form 134 Application for Lump Sum or Advance Payment is an instrument to request an administrative law judge to pass an order to release the payment in advance under special conditions like an injury at work. Administrative law judge is authorized to pass the order to the Employer and/or Workers’ Compensation Insurance Company under the …

California Labor Commission Initial Report (DLSE Form 1) - PDF Template

California Labor Commission Initial Report DLSE Form 1 is intended to facilitate filing a claim to recover the wages from the employer. Submit duly completed DLSE form 1 to the office of Labor Commissioner, State Of California for its processing. You may need to fill and submit DLSE FORM 205 and DLSE Form 55 along …