California Adopt 215 Adoption Order Form

California ADOPT-215 Adoption Order is a legal tool intended to grant the adoption of a child and the subject. The document requires various inputs about the adopting parent/s and the nature of the adoption.

Read this document carefully to understand the provisions and select only as appropriate. Furnish particulars accurately and avoid errors and cancellations. Keep the form legible after completion of the filling of all particulars.

You may need to complete and submit ADOPT-200 Adoption Request, ADOPT-220 Adoption of Indian Child and ADOPT-310 Contact After Adoption Agreement as applicable in addition to Form ADOPT-215 Adoption Order in support of various provisions and orders requiring passing.

The form has 12 sections requiring your input. Mark your choices in appropriate boxes as and when necessary. Section 13 is reserved for the inputs by the clerk.

Leave the space for the date stamp blank and proceed to furnishing court’s name, address, and the case number if available.

Step 1: Provide your name/s as adopting parent in 1a and 1b. Mention your relationship with the child. Furnish your street address, city, state, and zip code in the respective spaces offered in form 215. Please enter your daytime phone number with area code. Provide your name, address, telephone number along with the State Bar Number of the lawyer if any in space provided for the same.

Step 2: Provide the name of the child after the adoption. Inputs required are first name, middle name, and last name, date of the birth, age of the child, place of the birth, city, state, and country.

Step 3: Specify the name of the adoption agency if any involved in the adoption of the child.

Step 4: Provide particulars of the hearing date, Department, Division, RM, Judicial Officer’s name, and telephone number of the clerk’s office.

Step 5: Mark appropriate boxes to denote the presence of the people during the hearing. Specify the name/s of parent/s with parental rights attending the hearing. Furnish names of other people in 5a and 5b if any attending the hearing. You can attach a separate sheet to continue furnishing the names of other people. However, the sheet must carry “ADOPT-215, Item 5” at the top.

Step 6: Section 6 to 12 are reserved for the observations, recordings, and decisions by the judge. However, mention your name and the case number on the foremost portion of page 2 of form 215. Date and the signature of the judge or the judicial officer are required below the section 12.

Step 7: Section 13, Clerk’s Certificate of Mailing requires input by the clerk in the case of the adoption of an Indian child. Required particulars are selection of choices of forms enclosed, place, date, and signature.

California Adopt 215 Adoption Order


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