Maryland Affidavit of Bail Bondsman Form

Maryland Affidavit of Bail Bondsman Form or DC/CR 10, is a legal document signed by the insurance broker or an agent authorized by the Insurance Commissioner of Maryland to write bail bonds in Maryland State. This provision of providing surety is regulated under MD Rule 4-217(d).

You as bondsman undertake to disclose the full fee for your services. You must be enrolled as a Professional Surety with District Court. In addition, you must be on approved Bail Bond Surety list maintained by the Chief Clerk of the District Court to earn the eligibility. The court may require you to file an additional power of attorney and/or real property equity in line with the directives mentioned in MD Rule 4-217(d). You must undertake your ability to write bail bond in the jurisdiction where the charges are pending.

Before Filling the Maryland Affidavit Bail Bondsman Form

  • Read the form DC/CR 10 completely to understand provisions and undertakings mentioned in it.
  • You must sign and issue the bail bond truthfully under penalties of perjury.
  • Provide all supporting documents like jurisdiction license, promissory note, installment contract, and registration as Professional Surety as and when needed.
  • Complete form DC/CR 10 correctly and accurately in every respect.

Maryland Affidavit of Bail Bondsman

Begin by filling in details about the court on the top portion of form DC/CR 10. Enter information like, county name, address of the court, case number, legal name of the defendant and his/her date of the birth.

Next portion of the Maryland Affidavit Of Bail Bondsman requires entering the name of the county of Maryland State. Read provisions from A through F carefully and move to the last portion of the affidavit requiring your inputs.

Insert date and sign on the next line. Mention your I.D. number next to the signature. Enter your address on the next line. Mention the fee amount in US dollar and type address as required on the next lines.

The left portion of the form DC/CR 10 has space reserved for inputs like power of attorney number, collateral, and indemnitor on the three subsequent lines. Enter the required details on each line for the respective head to provide complete information. Mark your response by yes or no for the next two lines requiring the information about submitting an installment contract and promissory note and insert respective details for the both on these two lines. You may add any other relevant information you feel necessary. You must enter these details truthfully under the penalties of perjury.

Form Preview

Maryland Affidavit Bail Bondsman Form
Maryland Affidavit Bail Bondsman Form