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Alaska Bill of Sale is a legal document intended to execute a sale/purchase transaction of a personal property. However, this form is should not be used for a real estate deal. The seller undertakes the rightful ownership of the property/product and facilitates the seamless transfer of the rights of enjoying the personal property/product in Alaska to the buyer.

Notarization of the signatures of the seller and buyer is mandatory for the Bill of sale Alaska. However, signature of a witness is necessary only under the demand of the Alaska law. Enter all particulars carefully and describe the personal property/product in the appropriate manner. The sale/purchase transaction of the personal property/product is carried out in as is the position and the seller does not undertake to provide any warranty of whatsoever manner.

Begin by entering particulars like seller’s name and sellers address followed by the name of the county of Alaska the seller lives in. Continue by providing the name of the buyer, address of the buyer, and the name of the county in the respective spaces. Specify the amount of the sale in US dollar in the space provided for the same. Alaska Bill of Sale also serves as a receipt for the payment made by the buyer to the seller when the amount is specified in this field.

Alaska Bill of Sale

Describe the personal property / product in the next section. Be descriptive to quantify the sale/purchase transaction. Property/ product description furnished in this section is decisive to define the scope of the document.

Provide address of the buyer and seller to serve notice if any. Notices are considered served when delivered to addresses mentioned here.

Continue by inserting the seller’s name, signature, street address, city, state, and zip code in the respective spaces. Provide buyer’s name, signature, street address, city, state, and zip code in the spaces provided for the same.

Signature of the witness is necessary when the law demands. Provide name, signature, street address, city, state, and zip code of the witness in that case.

The last section of Bill of Sale Alaksa has space reserved for notarization. Provide the name of the notary and name of the parties involved in the transaction in the respective fields. Furnish all the names of the seller/s and buyer/s if more than one person is involved in the transaction. Inputs like signature, seal, and date of the expiry of the commission by the Alaska Notary Public are required to complete the Alaska Bill of Sale Form.

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Alaska Bill of Sale
Alaska Bill of Sale