Maine Trailer Bill of Sale Form

Maine Trailer Bill of Sale for the sale/purchase transaction of a trailer in Maine State is a document intended to facilitate the deal. The form requires various inputs pertaining to the trailer and the subject of the bill of sale document.

Amount specified in the form construes as the value of the trailer and it also is effective for consideration of taxes for the buyer. The document furthermore serves as a receipt for the full and final payment made by the buyer to the seller of the trailer in lieu of the transfer of the title and rightful enjoyment of the said trailer. Read this document carefully before proceeding as signing and executing the form is legally binding on both the parties. Notarization is not mandatory for Trailer Bill of Sale; however, you may want to check the state law for the same.

Maine Trailer Bill of Sale Facts

  • The seller of the trailer described in the Maine Trailer Bill of Sale document undertakes the rightful ownership of the trailer and authority to sell it upon the will.
  • Specify the particulars of the trailer in respective blank spaces for quantifying the sale.
  • The seller must sign this undertaking and specify the date of the transaction for its lawful execution.
  • Furnishing the amount of sale in the US dollar in the blank space reserved for the same is necessary.
  • The buyer requires initiating the title transfer within the stipulated period and more information of the same is available at the Department of Motor Vehicles, Maine State.

Maine Trailer Bill of Sale Form

Trailer Bill of Sale requires the input of the name of the seller in the foremost line. Provide the name of seller’s business if applicable. Furnish the address of the seller, city, state, and zip code on line 2 of the form. Continue by entering the amount of sale in US dollar. Complete the first portion of the form by providing buyer’s name, business name if necessary, address, city, state, and zip code. Insert buyer’s phone number and the date of birth in the respective spaces. Specifying these particulars defines the parties and their respective roles.

The next section of Maine Trailer Bill of Sale requires furnishing particulars of the trailers like the year of manufacturing, color, empty weight, gross vehicle weight, make, and style. Provide style details like horse, van, boat, or utility as applicable. Complete this section of trailer particulars by providing the VIN# or vehicle identification number.

The last portion of Trailer Bill of Sale document has spaces reserved for the signature of the seller and date. Provide the date of executing Trailer Bill of Sale and the seller must sign in the space reserved to execute the Trailer Bill of Sale document and transfer the rights of ownership to the buyer.

Preview Maine Trailer Bill of Sale

Maine Trailer Bill of Sale Form
Maine Trailer Bill of Sale Form