Louisiana Child Custody Child Support Worksheet Form

Form C-2, Child Support Worksheet offers a definitive guide to determine the obligation of two individuals in the case of a joint custody of a minor child.File duly completed Form C-2 to

The Family Court of East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana State.

This form has input fields to determine the equal sharing. Review the document carefully to understand various demands of the computations. This form is a decisive tool for the court during passing order about providing the recommended child support to the petitioner and the respondent. Furnishing information truthfully is very necessary while filling the Child Support Worksheet.

Step 1: Begin by furnishing names of the petitioner and respondent. Then enter suit number, division, and name of the judge in the foremost portion of Child Support Worksheet R.S. 9:315.9(B).

Step 2: Provide the name and the date of birth of each child seeking support on a separate line.

Step 3: Enter the gross monthly income of petitioner and respondent in line 1. In 1a furnish preexisting child support payment, if any and then proceed to 1b by providing the amount of preexisting alimony if any.

Step 4: Subtract 1a and 1b from the value entered on line 1 and mention the answer on line 2 for both petitioner and respondent. Line 3 seeks input of the monthly adjusted gross income of both the spouses. Continue to line 4 by providing a relevant percentage. You can calculate the percentage by dividing line 2 by line 3.

Louisiana Child Support Worksheet Form

Step 5: Complete calculations as directed in line 5,6,7,8 to determine the essential child support obligation of both respondent and petitioner. Proceed to line 9 to furnish liability for time as directed by cross multiplication. Continue with providing values for 9a, 9b, 9c, 9d, and 9e in the respective fields. Enter the sum of values of 9a, 9b, 9c, 9d, and 9e on line 10 to furnish input of total expenses/extraordinary adjustments.

Step 6: Enter each party’s proportionate share on line 11. Continue by furnishing direct payments, if any on line 12 for both the parties as applicable. Line 13 needs the input of child support obligation of each party by adding values on line 9 and 11 and subtracting the value on line 12. Compute the recommended child support order as directed and enter values on line 14. Values in this field are decisive for determining the share of each party in child support.

Step 7: Furnish adjustments, calculations, and rebuttals to schedule or comments if any, in the space reserved for the same and then complete the form C-2 Child Support Worksheet R.S. 9:315.9(B) by signing in the space reserved followed by entering the date.

Text version of this Form

———————– Page 1———————–

The Family Court of East Baton Rouge Parish, State of Louisiana

Child Support Worksheet R.S. 9:315.9(B) (Equal Sharing)

__________________________________ Suit Number __________________


VS. Division ______________________

__________________________________ Judge ________________________



Names of Children Date of Birth Names of Children Date of Birth

______________________ ________ ______________________ ________

______________________ ________ ______________________ ________

______________________ ________ ______________________ ________


1. MONTHLY GROSS INCOME R.S.9:315.2(A) $ $ ///////////////

a. Minus preexisting child support payment – – ///////////////

b. Minus preexisting spousal support payment – – ///////////////

2. MONTHLY ADJUSTED GROSS INCOME $ $ ///////////////

(Line 1 minus 1a and 1b). ////////////////

3. COMBINED MONTHLY ADJUSTED GROSS /////////////////// /////////////////// $

INCOME (Line 2 Column A plus Line 2 Column /////////////////// //////////////////

B). (R.S. 9:315.2 (C) /////////////////// ///////////////////

4. PERCENTAGE SHARE OF INCOME % % ///////////////

(Line 2 divided by line 3) ///////////////

5. BASIC CHILD SUPPORT OBLIGATION ////////////////// ///////////////////

(Compare line 3 to Child Support Schedule). ////////////////// /////////////////// $

(R.S.9:315.2(D) ////////////////// ///////////////////

6. SHARED CUSTODY BASIC OBLIGATION ///////////////// //////////////////

(Line 5 times 1.5) (R.S.9:315.9(B) (2) ///////////////// //////////////////

7. EACH PARTY’S THEORETICAL CHILD $ $ ///////////////

SUPPORT OBLIGATION (Multiply line 4 times

line 6 for each party )

8. PERCENTAGE with each party % % ///////////////


TIME WITH OTHER PARTY (Cross Multiply line7 ////////////////

for each party times line 8 for the other party) ///////////////

(R.S.9:1315.9 (A) (3))

a. Net Child Care Costs (Costs minus Federal Tax Credit) /////////////////// ////////////////// +

b. Child’s Health Insurance Premium Cost (R.S. 9:315.4) ////////////////// ///////////////// +

c. Extraordinary Medical Expenses (Uninsured only) ////////////////// ///////////////// +

(Agreed to by parties or by order of court. (R.S.9:315.5) /////////////////// ///////////////////

d. Extraordinary Expenses (Agreed to by parties or ////////////////// ///////////////// +

by order of the court) (9:315.6) /////////////////// //////////////////

e. Optional: Minus extraordinary adjustments ////////////////// ////////////////// –

(Child’s income if applicable) (R.S. 9:315.7) /////////////////// //////////////////

10 TOTAL EXPENSES/EXTRAORDINARY /////////////////// ///////////////////

ADJUSTMENTS (Add lines 9a, 9b, 9c, and 9d, ////////////////// ///////////////////

Subtract line 9e) ////////////////// /////////////////// $

Form C-2, Child Support Worksheet

Form revised: January, 2008

———————– Page 2———————–

The Family Court of East Baton Rouge Parish, State of Louisiana

Child Support Worksheet R.S. 9:315.9(B) (Equal Sharing)



of Expenses/Extraordinary Adjustments (Line 4 times ////////////////

line 10) (R.S.9:315.9(B)(4) $ $ ///////////////

12 DIRECT PAYMENTS made by any party ////////////////

on behalf of the child for work-related net ////////////////

child care costs, health insurance premiums, – – ////////////////

extraordinary medical expenses, or ////////////////

extraordinary expenses (R.S. 9:315.9 (B) (5) ///////////////

13 EACH PARTY’S CHILD SUPPORT ////////////////

OBLIGATION (Line 9 plus line 11 and $ $ ////////////////

minus line 12) ///////////////


ORDER (subtract lesser amount from greater ////////////////

amount in line 13 and place result under ////////////////

greater amount) (R.S. 9:315.9 (B)(5)) $ $ ////////////////

Comments, calculations, or rebuttals to schedule or adjustments:



Signed by (Preparer) ____________________________________ Date _______________________________

Form C-2, Child Support Worksheet

Form revised: January, 2008