Alabama Change of Name

Alabama Change of Name of Adult Petition is a legal document intended to facilitate the request for change of the name of an adult residing in Alabama State. This document requires various inputs pertaining to the petitioner as well as the cause behind the request for change of the name.

The petitioner signs the document under penalty of perjury. Therefore, furnish all particulars accurately and truthfully. Notarization of the document and signature of the applicant before the Notary Public of the Alabama State is mandatory for its legal standing. Filling all particulars is mandatory and intentional and/or unintentional omissions are not permitted. The document has six sections and a page for petitioner’s verification and notarization. Review this document carefully before proceeding to understand the nature of inputs required.

Things To Confirm

  • Provide truthful and accurate personal particulars in Section I through IV.
  • Section V is a declaration of Outstanding Judgments and VI seeks input of additional declarations to validate the petition for change of the name.
  • You must be a resident of Alabama State for filing this petition.
  • Make copies of duly filled Change of Name of Adult Petition upon its execution.
  • Furnish the particulars like Court’s Name or Docket Number accurately.

Change of Name of Adult Petition is a simple document. Commence by inserting the name of the state and then name of the county. Furnish the court’s name and the docket number in the respective spaces accurately. Enter your name as a petitioner in first-middle-last format. Specify your previous and new legal name in the respective spaces.

Proceed to Section 1, Petitioner’s Birth Name and furnish the name at birth in first-middle-last format. Mention the name if any, by which the petitioner is known before lodging the petition. Enter place, city, county, and state of birth in the respective spaces offered in Section II, Birth Date and Place. Furnish the legal and official address of the petitioner followed by the name of the city, county, and state in Section III, Petitioner’s Residency. Insert the number of years of residence at the present location.

Specify the new legal name of the petitioner followed by the reason for requesting the change of the name in Section IV, New Name & Reason for Name Change. Continue by entering additional declarations, if any pertaining to the request for the change of name in Section VI, Additional Declarations.

Enter Previous Legal Name and New Legal Name of the petitioner on the succeeding lines. Continue by inserting your legal name, signature, and date in the respective fields to complete Alabama Name Change Petition.

The last portion Notary Acknowledgement seeks inputs like the names of the state, county, petitioner, witness, date, signature, seal, and date of commission expiry by the Notary Public of Alabama State.

Alabama Name Change Petition

Download and Use this form if you want to Change your Name in the State of Alabama.

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Alabama Name Change Petition
Alabama Name Change Petition