This action is a legal procedure involving the change of name from the originally given name at the time of birth of a person to a different name of choice. This act may occur majorly due to marriage, divorce, adoption, etc but the reasons may not always be the same.

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Alaska Name Change Form VS-405

Alaska Application for Name Change Form

Form VS-405, Application for Legal Name Change serves as a source to change the legal name of the applicant before the Court. This name change is effective in Alaska birth record through the Alaska Bureau of Vital Statistics, Juneau, AK. Form VS-405 has blank spaces for inputs and filling each …

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Alabama Change of Name

Alabama Name Change Petition

Alabama Change of Name of Adult Petition is a legal document intended to facilitate the request for change of the name of an adult residing in Alabama State. This document requires various inputs pertaining to the petitioner as well as the cause behind the request for change of the name. …

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