Alaska Name Change Form VS-405

Form VS-405, Application for Legal Name Change serves as a source to change the legal name of the applicant before the Court. This name change is effective in Alaska birth record through the Alaska Bureau of Vital Statistics, Juneau, AK.

Form VS-405 has blank spaces for inputs and filling each particular truthfully and accurately is necessary. The applicant must sign Form VS-405 in acceptance of the particulars furnished in it. Notarization of the document or the signature of the applicant is not necessary. However, ensure that the clerk of the court signs the document in conformity to granting the change of name. Form VS-405 has 11 sections requiring particulars from the applicant. Fill the form legibly.

Alaska Application for Name Change Form

Prior to Commencing

  • Review Form VS-405, Application for Legal Name Change carefully to understand the scope of the particulars required in it.
  • Remittance of $30 processing fee is necessary for the amendment in the Alaska Birth Records.
  • You may opt to pay $30 additional fee to procure amended Copy of Birth Record after the change of name process is complete and records are amended accordingly.
  • Submit duly completed Form VS-405 at the office of the clerk of the court before hearing along with the supporting documents if any.
  • Do not abbreviate names and write UNKNOWN before each particular you are not in a position to furnish.

Court File Number and State File Number are for Court and Bureau’s use on the foremost line of Form VS-405, Application for Legal Name Change.

Proceed to section 1 by furnishing the first, middle, and last name as per the Birth Record held by the Alaska Bureau of Vital Statistics. Insert date of birth in Section 2. Mention the state and/or country of the birth of the applicant as applicable in Section 3. Specify the city, town, and the location of the birth in section 4 of Form VS-405. Section 5 of the form requires the input of the father’s name of the applicant in first-middle-last order. Furnish the maiden name of the applicant’s mother in first-middle-last order.

Proceed to Section 7 by furnishing particulars of the applicant like applicant’s name in first-middle-last order to 7a, address in 7b, telephone number in 7c, and email address in 7d. Applicant must sign in the space offered and insert the date in front of the signature.

Continue by inserting the name of the place of change of name granted in Section 8. Continue by furnishing the date of change in section 9 and then specify the total number of persons for whom the change of the name is granted under the same order in Section 10. The concluding section 11 has spaces for entering the name changed to in first-middle-last order.

The seal and signature of the clerk of the court along with the date are necessary to complete Form VS-405, Application for Legal Name Change.

Form Preview

Alaska Application for Name Change Form
Alaska Application for Name Change Form