How to register your Lasting Power of Attorney in England and Wales

This is a form that guides you through the process of registering your Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) in England and Wales. It gives you complete details of the process and the requirement to register your LPA.

The purpose of an LPA is to help meet the needs of people who are sure that in the future they will be unable to look after their personal and financial affairs. The LPA agreement allows them to legally authorize all personal and financial decisions to be taken by a family member or a trusted friend on their behalf.

The LPA replaced the older and more Obscure EPA or Enduring Power of Attorney, though EPA was simple to administer, it lacked in certain areas when decisions need to be in circumstances which make it impossible to reach a conclusion by the person who is affected.

Either one of the two parties involved The Donor or The LPA himself can register this LPA, they just have to return the completed form to the Office of the Public Guardian attorney(s) any time after the agreement has been made.
When the donor makes a change in the LPA like changing the attorney, all other people who have been named as an attorney have to be notified. It isn’t mandatory for relatives to know of the LPA unless they are named in it as an attorney. After filling out the forms you will also have to pay a small fee for the registration.

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How to register your lasting power of attorney

Registering your LPA

An LPA can be registered – by the donor or their LPA 001 04.13
LPA002 09.11 Return your completed form to:
Office of the Public Guardian
attorney(s) – at any time after it has been made. But Notice of intention to apply for registration Application to register a Office of the Public Guardian
of a Lasting Power of Attorney PO Box 16185
it cannot be used until it has been registered by the Lasting Power of Attorney Birmingham
B2 2WH

OPG. (Where a replacement attorney has replaced the This notice must be sent to everyone named by the donor in the Lasting Power of Attorney as a person who
Part 1 – The donor
attorney in an unregistered lasting power of attorney, should be notified of an application to register. Relatives are not entitled to notice unless named in the Lasting
Power of Attorney. Place a cross (x) against one option

they can also register it.) The application to register may be made by the donor or the attorney(s). Mr. Mrs. Ms. Miss Other

Where attorneys are appointed to act jointly** they all must apply to register.
If other, please
Registering the LPA soon after it is made means that it Details of the person to be told**
will be ready to be used by your attorney(s) when needed. Name Address Last name

The longer the LPA is kept after making it and before First name

Telephone no.
registering it, the more likely you or your attorney(s) will Middle name

need to keep its contents up to date (addresses, contact
Address 1

details, etc.). During this period, your made LPA cannot To the person to be told – You have the right to object to the proposed registration of the Lasting
Power of Attorney. You have three weeks from the day on which this notice is given to object.
Address 2
be amended. If your circumstances change, or your LPA Details of how to object and the grounds for doing so are on the back page.
is no longer relevant for some reason, you must complete Address 3
a fresh LPA form. Details of the Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

Who is applying to register the LPA? the donor the attorney(s) Town/City

To register the LPA the person who is making the Which type of LPA is being registered? Property and Health and Welfare
Financial Affairs County
application: (You must complete separate applications for each
LPA you wish to register.)
Postcode Daytime
Tel. no.
• First: informs each of the people to be told (if there are On what date did the donor sign the LPA? D D M M Y Y Y Y

If the exact date is unknown
any) of their intention to register the LPA (by filling-in Date of birth please state the year of birth
Details of the donor D D M M Y Y Y Y
and sending to each one a copy of form LPA001 – Full name Address
5 copies are included in your LPA creation pack). address
This informs them that the LPA is being registered and Please do not write below this line – For office use only

Telephone no.
that they have three weeks to raise any concerns. Postcode
• Then: fills in form LPA002 ‘Application to register
a Lasting Power of Attorney’ – also included in your

LPA002 Application to register a lasting power of attorney (09.11) 1 © Crown Copyright 2011
LPA creation pack with separate 4-page guidance © Crown copyright 2013
notes – and sends this with your completed LPA form
to the OPG.

The OPG will check your LPA and application to register
form, and contact the applicant if there are any problems.

Assuming there are no problems with the LPA and nobody
raises concerns, the OPG will register four weeks after
sending the notices to the donor or attorney.

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