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Here in this category you will find all forms and templates related to the United Kingdom. These forms may only be used for or in the United Kingdom.

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UK Application to register a Lasting Power of Attorney Form LPA002 - PDF Template

This power of attorney registration page is only applicable for the United Kingdom and the countries of Wales or England. LPA002, Application to Register Lasting Power of Attorney facilitates the legal appointment of attorney/s by a donor to act on behalf of the donor upon the mental instability of the donor. This form is in …

Assisted Prison Visits Confirmation - PDF Template

If the Application for Assisted Prison form for you to visit your close relative in prison has been approved you must receive the Prison visits confirmation form which is as below. I could not copy paste the contents of the form as it is in another orientation so I have the screenshot of the form …

Application for Assisted Prison Visits - PDF Template

Use this application form for applying for an request for an Assisted Prison Visit to someone who is in the Prison of United Kingdom. ¬†This form is also an request for Help for travelling expenses for visiting a close relative who is in prison. This form may only be used in the United Kingdom. The …

Flu Immunisation Consent Form - PDF Template

Flu immunisation consent form for the geographical pilot areas immunising 4 to 10 year-old children in 2013. Use this form in the United Kingdom for a approval of consent of Flu immunisation of your Child.