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How to register your Lasting Power of Attorney in England and Wales

This is a form that guides you through the process of registering your Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) in England and Wales. It gives you complete details of the process and the requirement to register your LPA.

The purpose of an LPA is to help meet the needs of people who are sure that in the future they will be unable to look after their personal and financial affairs. The LPA agreement allows them to legally authorize all personal and financial decisions to be taken by a family member or a trusted friend on their behalf.

The LPA replaced the older and more Obscure EPA or Enduring Power of Attorney, though EPA was simple to administer, it lacked in certain areas when decisions need to be in circumstances which make it impossible to reach a conclusion by the person who is affected.

Either one of the two parties involved The Donor or The LPA himself can register this LPA, they just have to return the completed form to the Office of the Public Guardian attorney(s) any time after the agreement has been made.
When the donor makes a change in the LPA like changing the attorney, all other people who have been named as an attorney have to be notified. It isn’t mandatory for relatives to know of the LPA unless they are named in it as an attorney. After filling out the forms you will also have to pay a small fee for the registration.

For complete information kindly contact the Helpline – 0300 456 0300 or visit the official website

Or you can also follow the document attached in this post.

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UK Application to register a Lasting Power of Attorney Form LPA002

This power of attorney registration page is only applicable for the United Kingdom and the countries of Wales or England. LPA002, Application to Register Lasting Power of Attorney facilitates the legal appointment of attorney/s by a donor to act on behalf of the donor upon the mental instability of the …

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Assisted Prison Visits Confirmation

If the Application for Assisted Prison form for you to visit your close relative in prison has been approved you must receive the Prison visits confirmation form which is as below. I could not copy paste the contents of the form as it is in another orientation so I have …

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Application for Assisted Prison Visits

Use this application form for applying for an request for an Assisted Prison Visit to someone who is in the Prison of United Kingdom.  This form is also an request for Help for travelling expenses for visiting a close relative who is in prison. This form may only be used in the United Kingdom. The form has 4 Pages out of which the first page preview is given below.

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