UK Application to register a Lasting Power of Attorney Form LPA002

This power of attorney registration page is only applicable for the United Kingdom and the countries of Wales or England.

LPA002, Application to Register Lasting Power of Attorney facilitates the legal appointment of attorney/s by a donor to act on behalf of the donor upon the mental instability of the donor. This form is in accordance with the Mental Capacity Act 2005.

Submit duly completed form LPA002 to the

Office of the Public Guardian; PO Box 16185; Birmingham, B2 2WH.

Filing the form attracts fees payable in various modes. Registration of the Lasting Power of Attorney with the Office of the Public Guardian is mandatory for its execution to protect the interest of the signing principal. The document has provision for specifying the names to those a notice must be served by the attorney for objections if any using LPA001 form.

Use capital letters one in each box for filling the form and select preferences by marking X in the appropriate boxes. The form has 12 parts.

Part 1

Select the title among five options and describe other if you select so. Proceed by typing last, first, and middle name of the donor. Provide address, city/town, county, postcode, daytime phone number, and date of birth in the respective spaces. Complete Part 1 by inserting email address of the donor.

Part 2

Define your role as a donor or attorney for registering the LPA by selecting the right box.

Part 3

Specify the mode/s of appointing attorney/s among the options offered. Select only one option that suits the best.

Part 4

It requires particulars of Attorney/s. Furnish details as applicable for all attorneys or fill the first page of part 4 for Attorney 1 only and strike out other pages from Part 4. Inputs required here are title, last first and middle name, company name if applicable, address, town/city, county, postcode, DX number and DX Exchange, date of birth, daytime phone number with area code, occupation, and email address of the attorney. Select attorney’s relation with donor by selecting one box among 5 choices. Provide details of other professionals if you choose so. Furnish particulars of additional attorneys if more than 4 in Part 12, Additional Information.

Part 5

Select the first box if the donor does not specify names for notification of registration of LPA002 form. Otherwise, proceed by selecting between I or We and furnish date of the issuance of notice in form LPA001. Provide particulars of party/ies like first and last name, address, town/city, County, and postcode. Use separate page in Part 5 to provide particulars of all persons required to receive notice as requested by the donor.

Part 6

Select the mode of remittance of fees and provide telephone number in case you select credit card payment mode. Use separate form to request a fee exemption.

Part 7

Select between I or We and proceed to select between the type of power of attorney between the two choices. Select the date of signing the LPA by the donor in the space provided for the same. Furnish information of any previously made enduring or lasting power of attorney if you select option yes.

Part 8

Sign in the box; insert date along with entering your last and first name in Part 8 – Donor declaration.

Part 9

Inputs in this section are necessary only when attorney requests registration and execution of the LPA. Select I or We as appropriate in three lines and continue with signature, date, last and first name of the attorney. Use a separate section for each attorney.

Part 10

Select between I or We, company name, signature/s of authorized person/s, company seal, last and first name of the person in case a trust/corporation makes the application.

Part 11

Furnish correspondence address. Select the right title and specify if select other. Provide last, first, and middle name, company name and reference, address, town/city, county, postcode, DX number and Exchange, daytime phone number and email address in the respective boxes.

Part 12

Provide supporting information if any for Lasting Power of Attorney in the space available in part 12.

Application to register a Lasting Power of Attorney

Notes and Guidelines for completing this LPA002 form are below


Text Version of this Form

LPA002 09.11 Return your completed form to:
Office of the Public Guardian
Office of the Public Guardian
Application to register a PO Box 16185
Lasting Power of Attorney Birmingham
B2 2WH

Part 1 – The donor

Place a cross (x) against one option

Mr. Mrs. Ms. Miss Other

If other, please

Last name

First name

Middle name

Address 1

Address 2

Address 3



Postcode Daytime
Tel. no.

If the exact date is unknown
Date of birth
please state the year of birth


Please do not write below this line – For office use only

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