The New York Rental Lease Agreement is a contract between the landlord and the tenant where both the parties agree to the terms and the landlord rents the premises to the tenant. In New York properties which are not rent stabilized can have an oral or an written lease. An oral lease cannot be legally enforced for more than one year(General Obligations Law § 5-701).

However to avoid disputes it is always recommended that one prepares a written agreement.

Below you would find a list of Rental Lease agreements which can be used in the State of New York. It is recommended that you consult a New York State Attorney for any doubts regarding your rental lease.

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New York Residential Lease Agreement

The New York Residential Lease is an agreement between the Landlord and the Tenant, where the landlord leases to the tenant and the tenant agrees to pay the said rent for the premises which the landlord owns, the tenant also agrees that the said premises should only be used for residential purpose. This agreement is only to be used in the State of New York.

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