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This is a medical power of attorney form that is applicable in the state of Arizona. The medical power of attorney is a legal document that is to be signed by an adult who is known as “principal”. According to the medical power of attorney the principal can entrust another person on his behalf to make healthcare and medical decisions if the principal himself is unable to make these decisions. The person acting on the behalf of the principal is known as an “agent”.

The power of attorney comes into effect as soon as it is executed and delivered to the agent who will be taking the decisions on behalf on the principal. The power of attorney continues to stay effective until and unless it is otherwise mentioned with the termination date in the agreement.

The power of attorney helps the principal, entrust the agent was a person whom he trusts to make medical decisions about the principle himself, if the principal is not able to make those decisions by himself.

The agent can then make decisions on the principal’s behalf if the principal’s physician certifies that the principal is unable to make these decisions themselves and/or is incompetent to make these decisions. Though the agent can make decisions pertaining to the principal’s healthcare, he/she cannot make decisions regarding committing the principal mental institution, convulsive treatment, psychosurgery, abortion etc.

Arizona Medical Power of Attorney Form

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Arizona Medical Power of Attorney Form
Arizona Medical Power of Attorney Form