An agent or attorney-in-fact who represents the principal on their behalf in matters related to healthcare when they are not in a position mentally or physically to take the decisions for themselves is a Medical Power of Attorney. A medical power of attorney can be appointed by filling the medical power of attorney form. The powers that the attorney-in-fact holds can also be restricted and any wishes related to the medical treatment that the principal might or might not want to take can also be mentioned. A person of complete trust and faith must only be chosen as the medical power of attorney as their decisions are considered as equal as of the principal’s and they hold complete authority to deny or terminate any medical treatment, surgery, medication, life support, etc., if they feel the need to do so.

A medical power of attorney form generally includes the full and legal name of the principal and that of the agent, their addresses, details of a successor agent (if required), description of the powers that the medical power of attorney holds, special instructions or restrictions that the principal might want to add, declaration by the agent, signatures by all the parties involved, etc.
Below you would find a list of Medical Power of Attorney Forms for each states in the United States of America.

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