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Georgia Commercial Lease Agreement

The Georgia Commercial Lease Agreement is an agreement between a landlord and the tenant where the landlord has full rights of a commercial property which he/she has agreed to rent out to the tenant for a said amount of rent and where the tenant agrees to pay the said rent on time and also agrees to abide with all the terms mentioned in the agreement, failing to which could result in the termination of the lease agreement. This lease agreement can only be used for renting properties which would be used for commercial purpose such as carrying out any kind of business in the State of Georgia. It is recommended that you consult an legal attorney if you have any confusions regarding this agreement.

Free PDF DownloadGeorgia Commercial Lease Agreement

Georgia Sublease Agreement

The Georgia Sublease Agreement should be used when the original tenant is not able to complete the tenure of his rental agreement and after the permission of the landlord is sub-leasing the property to someone else. The original tenant would still be responsible if the sub-lessor does not pay the …

Free PDF DownloadGeorgia Sublease Agreement

Georgia Rental Application

Georgia Rental Application

Georgia Rental Application form is basically  a legal report that operates like a Rental contract. Georgia home administration businesses and landlords use  a Georgia Rental Application form to determine if the tenant is suitable for retaining a Rental Agreement and whether he/she is capable of protecting the house. The Georgia  …

Free PDF DownloadGeorgia Rental Application

Georgia Lead Based Paint Disclosure Form

The Georgia Lead Based Paint Disclosure Form is used in the following scenario;  renting houses which were built before 1978 one must make sure to submit the Lead Based Paint Disclosure form as the housing may contain lean-based paint. Lead in the paint, paint chips and dust can cause health hazards if not maintained properly.  This form can be used in the City of Atlanta, Georgia when renting pre-1978 housings. Also make sure you receive a federally approved pamphlet on lead poisoning prevention which will help you understand how to keep yourself and your family safe from the Lead Based paint.

Free PDF DownloadGeorgia Lead Based Paint Disclosure Form