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Alabama Sublease Agreement - PDF Template

The Alabama Sublease Agreement should be used when sub leasing a property in the state of Alabama. Subleasing means in case the original tenant for any reason cannot continue to meet the terms of the lease he may offer the same place to another tenant if the landlord allows it. The new Tenant has to …

Alabama Residential Lease Agreement

Alabama Residential Lease Agreement - PDF Template

The Alabama Residential Lease Agreement is one between the landlord of a premises and the tenant to whom the premises will be rented/leased out. It is an agreement between these two parties, and is legally binding under Alabama State Law. In the first line, fill in the day, month and year on which the agreement …

Alabama Rental Application

Alabama Rental Application Form - PDF Template

You as a prospective tenant can file this Alabama Rental Application with owner/manager of a property to apply for renting the same under the Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity initiative by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. You must duly complete this two-part equal opportunity rental application. Please provide accurate and truthful information …

Alabama Month to Month Rental Agreement Form

Alabama Month to Month Rental Agreement Form - PDF Template

The Alabama Month to Month Rental Agreement is also called as a Residential Rental Agreement of Alabama state. It’s a legal document that allows the applicant to seek rent of a property from a particular Landlord or a business on the monthly basis. As this document doesn’t contain any particular end date, either of the two …