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As stated in the Texas Probate code Chapter XII (Durable Power of Attorney Act) an adult may choose an attorney-in-fact to make important decisions on his behalf. The power of attorney will not be valid unless it has been signed by the principal in presence of an Authorized officer to take acknowledgements to deeds.

Unless a time span has been specified the Power of Attorney in effect does not expire. Below are list of Power of Attorney forms which can be used in the State of Texas. They are available in PDF and Microsoft Word formats.

Download Free Texas Power of Attorney Forms

Texas Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form - PDF Template

Power of Attorney to Transfer Motor Vehicle is a legal document and it is in line with the regulations and requirements of the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. The document grants the rights to an attorney to take action on behalf of you as and when necessary pertaining the transactions related to the motor vehicle …

Texas Declaration for Mental Health Treatment Form - PDF Template

Download and use this form if you want to make advance┬ádecisions about your mental health treatment. Text Version of this Form ———————– Page 1———————– Notice To Person Making a Declaration For Mental Health Treatment Chapter 137, Title 6, Civil Practice and Remedies Code This is an important legal document. It creates a declaration for mental …

Texas Do Not Resucitate (OOH-DNR) Form - PDF Template

Texas Do Not Resucitate (OOH-DNR) Texas Do Not Resucitate (OOH-DNR) This document becomes effective immediately on the date of execution for health care professionals acting in out-of-hospital settings. It remains in effect until the person is pronounced dead by authorized medical or legal authority or the document is revoked. Comfort care will be given as …

Texas Medical Power of Attorney

Texas Medical Power of Attorney Form - PDF Template

Advance Directives Act ┬ž166.163, Health and Safety Code permit you to issue Texas Medical Power of Attorney to appoint an agent to make health care decision for you when you are declared incompetent to do so by a physician in writing. Please read the form and instructions carefully before proceeding. You, your nominated agent, and …